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The future belongs to those companies that embrace the digital transformation

and technology is not something that can be ignored in the strategy of any real estate player.
We believe that in the next 10 years every new building will be a smart building and most of the activities related to every building will be conducted with the help of a smart device.

The power of the Proptech Romania Community comes from the trust and commitment as well as the smart structure. The Founding Board sets the priorities, tailors the annual strategy and reviews the benefits and projects undertaken.

We believe in driving a mentality change, by connecting the traditional players in the real estate field with the


(startups and established tech companies) and thus speeding up the process of digital transformation, aiming for a more efficient and sustainable use of resources

Strategic Partners provide technology, expertise and know how to the Community.

Great team is the key

Ciprian Pasca

Co-Founder and President

Smaranda Ignat

Co-Founder Chrysalis One

Teodora Mocian


Anca Scarlat

PR Manager

Why Proptech Romania

PropTech Romania was officially launched in March 2019, at Startup Europe Summit Cluj, having among guest speakers the Founder of EU PropTech House, (European PropTech Association) Dirk Paelinck and Bianca Muntean, Executive Director of the Transilvania IT Cluster. We joined EU PropTech House right away and common projects are under development (see EU PropTech House Startup and Scaleup Awards – yearly event).

In a mission to connect the traditional players in real estate, utilities companies, telecom, banks and insurance companies, with technology drivers, it was obvious we needed a strategy to build the ecosystem, to facilitate the co-creation, to promote proptech and to generate meaningful dialogue.

In 2018, when we started talking about proptech (property technology) in Romania, 7 out of 10 people did not understand the term. We were already working with real estate startups, helping with the go to market strategy, and we had, as founders, past real estate experience. Having developed close relations with some of the national proptech associations in Europe, we understood the gap in the Romanian market, and the opportunity, to engage the industry players into working together implementing innovation in the build world. We wanted to transform a sector previously perceived as boring and dry, real estate tech, into something exciting, a perfect playground for creative minds to implement disruption.

To set the context, Proptech is any digital solution that relates to one or several life cycles of a building (industrial, residential, commercial, office), connected with the construction phase (architecture, engineering) or its management (rent, buy/sell, operational). If until recently, having a digital platform was considered an advantage by the real estate developers, now such a tool is a necessity. There are co-working spaces integrating humidity and temperature sensors, office buildings implementing smart access solutions and with sensors to monitor the space occupancy, to name just a few of the more common innovations.

We organized the First European Real Estate Hackathon in Bucharest (April, 2019), with partners like JLL, NEPI Rockcastle, Ceetrus, Portland Trust, Speedwell and Simacek, who launched challenges (real business issues) towards 30 startups (Romanian, Greek and Bulgarian teams). Apart from the money prizes (Bright Agency, Sigtree and CenterMine – Bulgaria being the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners), the biggest benefit for the teams was the interaction between the participants, the rush of ideas brainstormed in the mentoring sessions, the “Aha!” moments. We were proud to see that 3 of the 6 challenge sponsors negotiated and signed agreements with the winning startups to develop the solutions further.

The proptech solutions generated by the hackathon needed a framework to be developed and deployed, and we wanted to make sure that all the relevant actors, corporations, startups and investors, are aligned and in tune to a shared purpose – value driven real estate innovation. 

PropTech Demo Day, in Bucharest, June, 2019, an event co-organized with the business angels network Tech Angels, was dedicated to promote the Romanian proptech innovation. The Demo Day was exclusive to functional proptech solutions, ready for investors and corporate clients. The 10 participating startups pitched in front of an audience of business angels, VCs and investors, with focus on real estate technology.

In November 2019 we organized Skanska PropTech Hackathon, an event dedicated to the office market and customized to fit the challenges of Skanska in Romania and Central Europe…

If you are among the real estate innovators, the visionaries, the disruptive business minds looking to create the buildings of tomorrow, join us in the mission to craft a better, more sustainable built world!

Let’s TECH real estate!