Business Challenge 5




On the fast track to futureproof

22nd-23rd of November 2019
Impact Hub, Equilibrium Office Building
Bucharest, Romania

Business Challenge 5

Digital twin platform

Area of business:

Project and Facility management


Bogdan Voicu –  Project Leader

Current challenges:

Insufficient data in digital format from project development period is transferred to operational stage

Expected outcome:

Develop a digital platform for collecting the information regarding design and construction during project development and transfer it to facility management team, to use it during building operations; collect data (using Dow Jones methodology) from the design stage, construction and building being operational to determine the CO2 footprint and impact

Expected impact:

Traceability of design and construction information, ease of access to all relevant data from project development stage, increase efficiency of building operation activity; calculation of the CO2 footprint

KPI measured/success factor:

Increase efficiency of Property and Facility Management services; determine the CO2 footprint parameters

Proptech Romania is organizing a dedicated proptech hackathon for Skanska Romania, with the
purpose to identify innovative solutions concepts, which will offer a competitive advantage to
the sales team in the onboarding processes of potential clients and to positioning Skanska as an
innovative company on niche development of office buildings. It is also desired to design
an action plan for the next 12 months to create opportunities for integrating the winning
solutions into current Skanska processes.

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