Business Challenge 2




On the fast track to futureproof

22nd-23rd of November 2019
Impact Hub, Equilibrium Office Building
Bucharest, Romania

Business Challenge 2
Identify the behavioral patterns of the residents, experiencing Skanska buildings, using Connected by Skanska

Area of business:

Leasing and Asset


Filip Dykas – Innovation Coordinator

Current challenges:

Lack of tools to measure and monitor the behavior of the residents working in a Skanska building

Expected outcome:

A functionality attached to Connected by Skanska powered by machine learning algorithms for the landlord to measure residents’ satisfaction in the building.

Expected impact:

Ability to know the behavior pattern of our tenants and be able to provide tailored offers for them

KPI measured/success factor:

Measuring satisfaction level of the tenants – from hygienic factors (air, thermal, water, etc) to brand perception including company’s values (Commit to Customers); Building a predictive model of how average user operates in the building that will trigger to improve functionalities of Connected by Skanska

Proptech Romania is organizing a dedicated proptech hackathon for Skanska Romania, with the
purpose to identify innovative solutions concepts, which will offer a competitive advantage to
the sales team in the onboarding processes of potential clients and to positioning Skanska as an
innovative company on niche development of office buildings. It is also desired to design
an action plan for the next 12 months to create opportunities for integrating the winning
solutions into current Skanska processes.

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