On the fast track to futureproof

22nd-23rd of November 2019
Impact Hub, Equilibrium Office Building
Bucharest, Romania

Why participate?

Skanska vision is to leverage development and innovation in the marketplace in partnership with customers, suppliers, and communities. The goal of this hackathon is to turn innovative and bold ideas into transformative products or solutions and help accelerate to the next level ideas and teams, aiming to increase the use of digitalization in the office buildings industry. Through the Proptech Romania network, we connect startups, IT&C companies, and professionals to the Skanska team, industry experts, investment funds. The purpose of this initiative is to help validate, develop, gain traction, or finance innovative solutions and for opening new business opportunities.

 By participating in the event, you will have the opportunity to have access to highly professional experts and mentors, working on real-life industry problems and gain exposure both to potential customers and investment funds. At the end of the competition, you’ll get to showcase your proposed solution to the top management of Skanska from local and CEE markets.

Who can participate?

Desired teams profile

Fresh formed teams

Start ups or SMEs

Corporate teams

Desired professionals profile

Real Estate Professionals

Data Scientists




We are inviting any profesionalls, startups members or corporates who are playing a critical role in creating digityalization for real estate industry or any industries. Coding at the hackathon is optional, technical and business experience is required, expecting to showcase a demo, mockups, lean business model canvas. Join us now, the numbers of the teams allowed is limited.


After online registration, the jury will select ~ 20 teams to participate and the finalists will be publically announced. A few days before the hackathon will be a warm-up session with the finalist teams and the Skanska team. By winning a category challenge or being one of the 3 big winners you’ll start an acceleration program with Proptech Romania, innovators working together to solve some of the real estate’s most painful challenges.


29 October


14 November

Announcing finalists

15 November

Warm up

20 November

Hackathon kick off

22 November

Awarding ceremony

23 November

Acceleration period

November - December




3.500 euro




2.500 euro




1.500 euro

CO2 footprint

CO2 footprint

Lack of carbon footprint awareness and tools to calculate the CO2 footprint. To run the everyday calculation of the CO2 footprint is an extensive process that requires a lot of financial and human resources.

More details.

Community Engagement

Lack of communication channels with the community to understand their needs/expectations before, during and after development. Today, the communication is reactive towards the community, only in case of complaints.

More details.


Skanska employees are overwhelmed with repetitive tasks. Most of communication within Skanska is done via MS Outlook. Solution that will automate the most repetitive and easy to automate tasks in everyday support functions operations. Allow people to focus on processes that bring value to the company.

More details.
Digitizing offering process

Digitizing Offering Process

At the stage of tenant’s future project selection there are multiple interactions of sales/project teams with potential tenants only to offer basic standard Skanska project information, with only few of the initial leads being followed-up to HOTs and lease agreements

More details.
Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Insufficient data in digital format from project development period is transferred to operational stage. We are looking to develop a digital platform for collecting the information regarding design and construction during project development and transfer it to facility management team, to use it during building operations

More details.

Connected by Skanska

Lack of tools to measure and monitor the behavior of the residents working in a Skanska building. A functionality attached to Connected by Skanska powered by machine learning algorithms for the landlord to measure residents’ satisfaction in the building.

More details.
Jury & Mentors

Anna Tryfon

Innovation Manager Commercial Development Europe Skanska, Jury Member

Aurelia Luca

Managing Director Skanska Romania
Jury Member

Ciprian Pasca

Executive Director Proptech Romania
Jury Member

Catalin Pana

Projects Director Skanska Romania
Jury Member

Anne Marie Diaconu

Leasing & Asset Director Skanska Romania
Jury Member

Razvan Botezatu

Entreprise Lead Microsoft Romania
Jury Member

Catalin Dragoi

Europe Connected Services Centre Leader - Honeywell
Jury Member

Andrei Ivan

Project Manager
Challenge Owner

Filip Dykas

Innovation Coordinator Challenge Owner

Maria Neagu

Document Controller Challenge Owner

Roxana Ilie

Leasing Negociato
Challenge Owner

Bogdan Voicu

Project Leader
Challenge Owner

Otilia Bordei

Leasing Manager
Challenge Owner

Magda Gumieniak

Innovations’ Coordinator - Mentor

Mihai Bobei

Project Leader - Mentor

Oana Truca

HR Manager - Mentor

Stefan Toma

Project Leader - Mentor

Alexandra Bucur

Marketing & Communications Manager RO & HU - Mentor

Adelin-Adrian Stan

Enterprise Technology Solutions Professional Microsoft - Mentor

Monica Bejan

Marketing & Communications Coordinator - Mentor

Maria Tudorica

Leasing & Asset Assistant - Mentor

Raluca Stanislav

Business Development Manager - Mentor

Bogdan Hesson

Manager Building Operations Analytics Honeywell - Mentor
8.30 – 9.30: Registration / coffee break / networking
9.30 – 9:55: Official opening speeches
9.55 – 10.45: Challenges presentation
09.55 – 10.00: Ciprian Pasca – Proptech Romania about the competition & introducing Challenge Ambassadors
10.00 – 10.05: Andrei Ivan – Project Manager Skanska Romania
Challenge: Deliver an educational online platform to run the calculation of the CO2 footprint that can be used by the market players (vendors and suppliers) as well as by Skanska in order to meet the 2045 net zero carbon target.
10.05 – 10.10: Filip Dykas – Innovation Coordinator Skanska CDE
Challenge: Identify the behavioral patterns of the residents, experiencing Skanska buildings, using Connected by Skanska
10.10 – 10.15: Maria Neagu – Document Controller Skanska Romania
Challenge: Robot Process Automation (based on AI) in support functions
10.15 – 10.20: Roxana Ilie – Leasing Negotiator Skanska Romania
Challenge: Digitizing the design and preliminary offering process
10.20 – 10.25: Bogdan Voicu – Project Leader Skanska Romania
Challenge: Digital Twin platform
10.25 – 10.30: Otilia Bordei – Leasing Manager Skanska Romania
Challenge: The engagement platform between the project and community
10.30 – 10.45: Q&A session
10.45 – 11.20: Startups presentation & challenge selection (1 minute/startup)
11.20 – 13.00: Hackathon kick off – workshops Challenge Ambassadors & teams
13.00 – 14.00: Lunch
14.00 – 18.00: Working session / mentoring / Q&A
18:00 – 19.00: First checkup of ideas with Mentors & Ambassadors
19.00 – 20.00: Dinner
20:00 – open end: Working session
09.00 – 09.30:Breakfast / coffee break / networking
09.30 – 11.00:Pitching preparation
11.00 – 12.00:Second check up of ideas for the pitches with Mentors & Ambassadors
12.00 – 13.00:Lunch
13.00 – 16.30:Pitching session (4 minutes for pitch & 2 min Q&A / startup)
13:00 – 13:10Pitching rules and jury presentation
13.10 – 13.15Lucky draws with pitching category order
13.15 – 14.45Pitching session 1
14.45 – 15.00Jury break  (coffee break)
15.00 – 16.30Pitching session 2
16.30 – 17.00Jury deliberation / coffee break
17.00 – 17.30Awarding Ceremony (6 category winners & 3 big winners announcement)
17.30 – 18.30Cocktail / networking / video testimonials
18.30 – 19.00Closing the event
The official hackathon’s venue is Impact Hub at the Equilibrium Office Building, the latest Skanska Romania project. If you want to find out more information, contact us on mobile: + 40 743 376 381 or email: [email protected]
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Check out some opinions of the winners of the Real Estate Hackathon organized by Proptech Romania in April 2020

Bright Spaces

Retail Category Winner & 1st place

Sigtree Technologies
Residential Category Winner & 2nd place

3rd place

Your team can be the winner of this hackathon.
Event FAQ’s

A hackathon is a 48 hours event where great minds and coffee make ideas turn into prototypes and teams built solutions to the challenges. In ours, mentors and real customers join the teams and help to push things forward to find solutions to real business problems. The hackathon is also a competition between the teams with a chance to win a cumulative 7.500 € cash reward and 15.000 € in convertibles.

The Hackathon is open to those who are interested in real estate technology and innovation and have an interesting project or other ideas to develop within the scope of the challenges proposed. The hackathon is optimized for pre-startups, startups, small businesses and corporate teams with an innovative solution for the outlined challenges. Only one team member can apply on behalf of the team.

The hackathon will take place on 22nd-23rd of November at Impact Hub – Equilibrium Office Building, latest Skanska project, located in the No 2 Gara Herastrau Street The event will start Friday at 9.00 am and will finish Saturday at 6.00 pm. There will be also a warm-up session with the finalist teams on 20 Nov. 

If you live in the Bucharest area, you can travel to the Barbu Văcărescu Street Bucharest with public transportation with Bus: 135, 182, 282, 605 or Metro M1. You are responsible for arranging your travel accommodations.

Bring a laptop and a valid ID for admission into the event. We will provide everything else and more, including food, drinks, wifi, and sweets. 

The participation of the hackathon will be free of charge for all participants. 

You need to pre-register online, on the website, by completing the form. Proptech Romania team will curate the applications and invite the captains of the best applications for an interview call. After the interview phase, Proptech Romania and Skanska will select a maximum of 25 teams based on the team’s motivation, ambition, and expertise. Every applicant will be informed, no matter if we choose you to be a finalist or not. 

We will provide all meals between lunch on Friday and brunch on Sunday (plus snacks and coffee available at any time of the day or night!). If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Each team consists of a minimum of two to a maximum of five members. You can create a team and designate teammates during registration, but you can change the composition of your team or the challenge you apply later. Only one individual registration for one team is necessary. 

The main theme of the Hackathon is, “On the fast track to the futureproof”. Participants will be asked to use the newest of the digital technologies in creative, innovative ways to create solutions for the six challenges. The goal of these six challenges is to create prototypes of products and ideas that can use the data gathered to have a disruptive impact on the office buildings sector by creating a new and valuable ecosystem.

Not all hackers code! There is no need to have the solution issued from scratch. Also, the use of already functional products that could represent a solid base for a new and innovative solution is encouraged. In fact, you’ve found the perfect place and time to pick up new skills and concepts. There will be mentors, workshops, and tech talks to help ease you through the hackathon experience. Skanska is looking both for existing solutions or concepts for their challenges. Concepts presentation, mockups, demos, business model canvas or existing solutions already developed who can resolve the challenges are welcomed.

The purpose of the hackathon is to design solutions to challenges that have been prepared by the Skanska team and that have been posted on the website. Every participant is supposed to have read these challenges before subscribing to the hackathon.
At the time identified by the local organizers, each team will have to present their deliver a presentation that comprises a matching between the challenge requirements and their design concept solution through:

  • Wireframe/ Mock-up / Sketch of digital architecture (developed through the use of self-selected open source software or software you have a personal license for. The name of the software used will be shared with the jury)
  • An app, app extension or integration: You will have to work with API of Skanska’s products. The aim is to present the best, the more interesting, creative and useful features for the product using API service.
  • User journey: a description of a person’s experience during one session of using a website or application, consisting of the series of actions performed to achieve a particular goal. In case the design concept is not a website or an application, but rather a service or digital architecture, the equivalent of a user journey can be submitted.
  • Pitch deck: each team will have 3 minutes to present their idea (with visual supports). The pitches will be presented to the jury at the time indicated in the program. Each team will have 5 minutes allocated, 3 minutes for the presentation and 2 minutes for questions from the jury members.

All submissions to and creations during Skanska Proptech Hackathon – On the fast track to the futureproof remain the intellectual property of the individuals or organizations that developed them. Participants agree to share their ideas with all others at the hackathon. By registering for Skanska Proptech Hackathon, entering a submission and creating works during the competition, however, the participant agrees that the organizers and the partners receive an irrevocable, nonexclusive, royalty-free license to use, distribute to the public, and publicly display and perform such submission and works for non-commercial and promotional purposes. The Organizers hold no responsibility whatsoever for the outcome of any investigated, pursued or launched business concept by you. 

The winning teams will be decided by a jury made up of industry experts, business angels and professionals appointed by the Skanska, Proptech Romania, Microsoft & Honeywell.

The main criteria shall be directed towards the business value of the business case submitted. The jury will analyze and evaluate all works submitted by the teams, under the following four evaluation criteria: Challenge relevancy & functionality, Innovation, Sustainability, Presentation.

  • Challenge: is the design concept responding to the given challenge? Focus on financial sustainability, design with the user/ user-oriented and ecosystem? 
  • Relevancy & Functionality: is the proposed solution relevant to Skanska’s processes and can be easily implemented?
  • Creativity/Innovation: are there new or innovative aspects of the design concept? Is it transcending the traditional and classical methods used in the field of application? 
  • Sustainability: Will the solution allow meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs? 
  • Quality of the pitchdeck and the presentation

Cash prizes: 7.500 €. There will be 3 big winners and the winning teams will be awarded to following prizes (taxes will be included in the value of the prize):

  • First Place: 3.500 €
  • Second Place: 2.500 €
  • Third Place: 1.500 €

Skanska & Proptech Romania will start work with the winners of the hackathon to analyze the opportunity to implement the winning proposed solutions in the existing business processes. Proptech Romania will include all the participants in the first edition of the Romanian Proptech Map and will offer to each startup (with legal form) a free membership into the platform. The winners will enter an acceleration program with the possibility of a pre-seed investment round or commercial and growth assistance.

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The pre-registation phase is now open!
Registration deadline is 15 November 2019, 11:59 am CET, but we only have 20 spots and might close registration earlier once we fill up. Please complete this application form and we will get back to you on whether you are accepted or not.

Applications are approved based on interest in real estate and demonstrated ability to contribute meaningfully to any challenge. Applications from any corner of the globe will be accepted.  PLEASE NOTE that non-developers with business experience are welcome to apply as well. Each team will consist of 2-5 individuals with diverse skill sets. Established teams are welcome to register.

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