Bright Spaces gets EUR 185,000 financing for proptech solution

Bright Spaces, a property tech solution developed by a Romanian start-up, has received funding of EUR 185,000 for development and implementation.

The financing was coordinated by Sparking Capital as Lead Investor, with Growceanu Angel Investment and angel investor Ilinca Păun, former general manager of Colliers Romania.

Bright Spaces is a digital platform for leasing and managing commercial spaces expected to be launched next spring. The platform aims to help the leasing departments of real estate investment and development companies by optimizing the flows and generating new leads, as well as the tenants, through an easy-to-use interface, where rental history and process flows can be seen: listing, bidding, contracting, payment, management, business intelligence.

Sparking Capital este compania care a coordonat procesul de finanțare și este un fond cu capital de risc constituit din surse private. Fondul face investiții de tip pre-seed și seed în companii inovatoare din segmentele property tech, marketplace, marketing tech, transformare digitală  și sustenabilitate.

“We are fortunate to have investors and mentors from Real Estate, but also investors with impressive business experience, some with more successful exits. We now have the right ingredients to build and then scale Bright Spaces towards global success in PropTech,” said Bright Spaces founders – Bogdan Nicoara and Andrei Constantin.

Alături de Sparking Capital, Investiția în platforma Bright Spaces este susținută de asemenea și de partenerii Growceanu Angel Investment și Ilinca Păun, Business Angel.  Growceanu reunește un grup de investitori tip business angel, activ în Timișoara și vestul României, cu focus pe zona startup-urilor high-tech. Investitorii Growceanu contribuie cu expertiza, network-ul și banii personali la dezvoltarea startup-urilor cu potențial mare de creștere.

Sparking Capital, the company which coordinated the financing process, is a venture capital fund consisting of private sources. The fund makes pre-seed and seed investments in innovative companies in the property tech, marketplace, marketing tech, digital transformation and sustainability segments.

Growceanu brings together a group of business angel investors, activating in Timișoara and western Romania, with a focus on high-tech startups. Ilinca Păun, with 18 years of experience in real estate is founder and CEO of the Entrepreneurship Academy.